(Photo: Assaf Ambram)

(Photo: Assaf Ambram)

By Israel21c Staff - December 11, 2017

Originally appeared here in Israel21c

More than 70 Arab and Jewish chefs and culinary experts will present a variety of flavors and stories from Arab cuisine in dozens of restaurants and bars in downtown Haifa, December 13-15, 2017.

A-sham, the Arab Food Festival, is taking place for the third consecutive year under the creative direction of 2014 Master Chef Israel winner Nof Atamna-Ismaeel.

Traditional dishes from the Levant (A-sham in Arabic) will be featured, including specially created festival menus and dishes as well as cooking workshops, lectures, pop-up stores, music and parties.

“The Arab Food Festival connects peoples and cultures through food,” said Atamna-Ismaeel. “There is no room in the kitchen for politics; only for cooperation, collaboration and teamwork.” Read More