(Photo: Humans of Tel Aviv Facebook page)

(Photo: Humans of Tel Aviv Facebook page)

By Daniel K. Eisenbud - December 10, 2017 

Originally appeared here in The Jerusalem Post

Ten years ago, while Erez Kaganovitz was backpacking around the world following his IDF military service, he was disheartened by the reactions from people when they discovered he was Israeli.

“Most of the people I met didn’t realize I was Israeli because of my accent, and after five minutes of conversation they would ask the million-dollar question: ‘Where are you from?,’” said Kaganovitz on Sunday.

“And when I told them I was from Israel, you could see how their facial expressions would change. Then they would say, ‘Isn’t that the place where people are being blown up all the time and you are at perpetual war with your neighbors?’”

Kaganovitz continued: “There were a lot of misconceptions about Israel, and I was really frustrated and annoyed. And I remember thinking I wish I could take them there to show them what it’s really like to change those misconceptions.” Read More