(photo: ZOUBISOU)

(photo: ZOUBISOU)

By Ariel Cohen, Elia Berger - May 7, 2015

Originally appeared here in The Jerusalem Post

Zou Bisou, a happening cocktail bar on central Tel Aviv’s Ben Yehuda Street, is spicing up their repertoire by hosting celebrity guest chefs and having theme nights.

The first of the annual “concept nights” showcased Lebanese chef Kamel Hashalmon cooking up his home cuisine. Each month will feature a different Arab sous chef, bringing his or her own cuisine to the Tel Aviv culinary scene. Additionally, the concept nights are done in conjunction with Heineken Premium beer. 

"As a brand capital premium carrier in the world, we at Heineken aim to introduce marketing innovations and breakthroughs to the Israeli public," Heineken marketing director Nir Gal said. “Adventures in the world of culture, art and culinary, further activities of Heineken...we aim to continue to lead in quality and innovation and this time we were able to bring our customers to the front beer and culinary world."

The bar had a 1960s atmosphere that could only be described as Mad Men-esque. Read More