By Josh Jackman - May 7, 2015

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George Deek is different from most Israeli diplomats. The country’s foreign ministry is full of high-flyers snapped up at a young age, but very few are Arabs.

Mr Deek, who joined the diplomatic corps at the tender age of 25, sees no contradiction in someone with Arab roots representing Israel.

“At 14, I went to a Jewish school and as the only Arab in my class I became the voice of the Palestinians. But just like my classmates were listening to me, I was also listening to them.

“It felt natural to speak up for Arabs but it felt natural to speak up for Jews. We share common fears and goals,” he said.

The envoy, who is deputy ambassador to Norway, made his first official visit to London last week where he was guest of honour at the first annual reception of pro-Israel grassroots group StandWithUs UK. Read More