(Photo: Ford Motor Company)

(Photo: Ford Motor Company)

By Naama Barak - July 1, 2019

srael is not a country known for its immense water resources. As such, the question of water supply and availability is never too far away in the minds of many Israelis, leading to plenty of technological innovations in the field.

One major innovation in recent years has been the technology created by Watergen, which produces clean drinking water from the air, greatly aiding areas struck by disasters and water pollution. It is now being harnessed in the South African province of Eastern Cape, which like much of the country has been suffering from severe drought in the last few years.

Watergen’s technology is being deployed by the World Vision South Africa aid organization in collaboration with the Ford Motor Company Fund to produce fresh and safe drinking water to thousands of residents in the province, servicing some 3,400 households as well as dozens of early childhood development centers and schools.

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