(Photo: Tali Erickson-Gini, IAA)

(Photo: Tali Erickson-Gini, IAA)

By Emily Jones - March 14, 2019

JERUSALEM, Israel – German and Israeli scientists discovered a 1700-year-old stone bearing the name of a city believed to be the possible location of an ancient biblical town.

The Greek inscription refers to the city of Elusa (Halutza in Hebrew) and was discovered during excavations in Halutza National Park in the Negev desert.

"The name of the city of Elusa appears in a number of historical documents and contexts, including the Madaba mosaic map, the Nessana papyri and other historical references. However, this is the first time that the name of the city has been discovered in the site itself. The inscription mentions several Caesars of the tetrarchy which allow to date it around 300 CE," the Israel Antiquities Authority said Wednesday in a press release.

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