(Photo: Metamorworks via Shutterstock.com)

(Photo: Metamorworks via Shutterstock.com)

By Brian Blum - February 11, 2019

Making sense of the vast amount of data stored in our medical records and coming from the growing number of medical devices we use at home or in the hospital is a hot area for technological advances.

Running artificial intelligence algorithms on health data collected via HMOs, wearable devices or hospitals can aid with diagnoses, suggest unexpected ailments and prevent fatal complications.

Israel has a cluster of startups doing exactly that. ISRAEL21c looks at 10 of the most promising.

1. MonitHer

Jerusalem-based startup MonitHer doesn’t have a website yet, but we suspect it won’t be long: The company, founded by American immigrant to Israel Yehudit Abrams, won the $360,000 grand prize at the WeWork Creator Awards in Jerusalem in June 2018.

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