By Chris Mitchell - July 9, 2018

JERUSALEM, Israel – The Syrian army, aided by Russian air power, is seizing more territory and leaving an enormous humanitarian crisis in its wake. The regime's troops captured areas along the borders with Israel and Jordan, plus Syria's main border crossing.

In the eighth year of the Syrian civil war, thousands of civilians find themselves in the crossfire.

From the Israeli side of the border, one can see Syrians on the other side of the fence. The United Nations estimates more than 300,000 civilians have fled the fighting.

Drone footage shows the sea of new tents. The Israel Defense Forces are again reaching out to help those who now call this tent city home.
"The main mission is to give as much humanitarian aid to the other side [as possible], an IDF medical officer with the Golan Heights Division told CBN News.

"We do this first because when you understand what's happening on the other side and you know that they don't have anything and they really suffer," he explained. "You cannot stand aside and do nothing. I think it's part of what we know to do…to help other people who need it. They are neighbors on the other side."

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