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(Photo: Shutterstock)

By Kate Mackay - May 30, 2018

Originally appeared here on CNN

(CNN) — Deciding where to travel in June can be tough. School is out in many parts of the Northern Hemisphere. Families are flocking to beaches and national parks, and prices for airfare and accommodations are rising steadily with temperatures in this part of the world. It can feel like there's nowhere to turn.

You'll likely encounter larger crowds and higher prices at most destinations with pleasant weather this month, but you needn't fret. We've done the travel research for you.

Whether you want to explore ancient ruins, hit the beach or the museum, kayak through a canyon or stay out all night in a vibrant city, here are five great places to visit in June:

1. Tel Aviv, Israel
Spring and fall are Tel Aviv's less-expensive shoulder seasons, but there's a reason summer is its most popular. Europeans, in particular, flock to Israel's Mediterranean coast this time of the year.

Israel's second most populous city of course has its fair share of historical and cultural points of interest. Tel Aviv's White City was named a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Site in 2003. This area contains over 4,000 buildings built in the Bauhaus or International Style -- the most of any city in the world. Architectural tours can be taken through the Bauhaus Center. Read More


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