(Photo: Eshkol Regional Council) 

(Photo: Eshkol Regional Council) 

By Tamara Zieve - May 30, 2018

Less than an hour before children were due to arrive at a kindergarten in southern Israel on Monday morning, a mortar shell landed in the preschool yard.

Shrapnel was scattered across the area, the exterior walls sustained damage, and a tree was hit. But fortunately, the kindergarten was vacant.

Despite the close call, the message that kindergarten teacher Tovah Ludmer Gigi was keen to convey to the children was that their kindergarten is the safest place they can be.

“I told them that the kindergarten is the most protected place,” she told reporters outside the preschool, stressing the difference between the yard and the preschool building. “They know that if there is any danger while they are at home, they run to a shelter; here, the whole kindergarten is fortified.”

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