(Photo: Reuters)

(Photo: Reuters)

By Giulio Meotti - July 27, 2017

Originally appeared here in Arutz Sheva 

Do you know of this most extraordinary girl, Nadia Murad? The Islamic State’s henchmen kidnapped her when they decimated the Yazidi, they raped her and sold her. She escaped. Today she travels the world to make it aware of the genocide of her people at the hands of those horrendous Islamic predators. Nadia Murad was recently in Israel and said incredible things. 

She praised “the ability of Jews to remain strong and preserve their culture”, she called the Jews “an example” and asked Israel for support. This girl did not study at Harvard and does not write for the Western mainstream media, but she has more courage and moral clarity than all those clumsy intellectuals and journalists who love to demonize Israel. 

Nadia is right. Israel has been a sanctuary not only for the Jews endangered all over, from Baghdad to Yemen, but also for the non-Jewish religious minorities. 

I saw what Israel did for  the Druze, the Bahai in Haifa,  the Bedouin,  Samaritans,  Alawites, and the Christians who fled the Lebanese civil war, for the Circassians and the Ahmadi Muslims. Read More