By Delphine Matthieussent - November 6, 2017

Originally appeared here in the Times of Israel 

MOUNT HERMON (AFP) — The wounded Syrians, carried on donkeys through the pitch-black night, could be seen in the beam of a searchlight held by their unlikely saviors — Israeli soldiers.

They were high in the mountains, nearing the Israeli part of the Golan Heights, where they were to receive medical treatment for their wounds even though Israel and Syria are officially at war.

Casualties from Syria’s six-year civil war are taken to hospitals inside Israel several nights each week.

At the same time, Israeli soldiers return Syrians, who have received treatment, to the disengagement line that divides the Syrian-controlled part of the Golan from that held by Israel.

It is another example of the many contradictions in the morass of the six-year Syrian conflict.

Israel does not take in refugees from the war, but its army says that it has facilitated the treatment of more than 3,100 wounded in Israeli hospitals since 2013. Read More