(Photo: Yesha Council)

(Photo: Yesha Council)

By TOI Staff - October 11, 2017

Originally appeared here in The Times of Israel 

A year after a similar event landed four Palestinians in a Palestinian Authority jail, over 30 Palestinians joined dozens of Israelis as guests at the sukkah of Efrat mayor and settlements advocate Oded Revivi.

The group of some 100 guests gathered “to celebrate coexistence,” according to a press release.

The Palestinian participants were not identified in order to protect them from any backlash by PA authorities, but they were described in the release as “local Palestinian leaders from half a dozen local cities and towns.”

It is a Jewish tradition to host friends and associates in the temporary structure that are used during Sukkot (the Feast of Tabernacles) to recall the biblical account of the booths erected in the desert by the Israelites during their exodus from Egypt. Read More