(Photo: Hycliff Soler)

(Photo: Hycliff Soler)

By Grace Austin - October 10, 2017

Originally appeared here in the Times of Israel 

Hycliff Soler emerged from his home after Hurricane Maria ripped through Puerto Rico on September 20 to find a country he didn’t recognize.

“When the hurricane ended, we went outside and started to see the whole devastation,” said Soler. Whole neighborhoods were flooded, buildings were reduced to rubble. Trees blocked the roadways, and the island’s fragile electrical infrastructure collapsed.

“Then we said, ‘I think we will not be able to make the Israel trip.’”

Hycliff Soler and his wife Lunail Colón have run a Christian-centered dance school, Danzàle, in a suburb of the capital San Juan for the past 15 years. Their kids, Ian Cliff, 17, and Soleil, 12, are also dancers.

The family planned to visit Israel to perform with other musicians, dancers and singers from the Philippines, Brazil, the United States, Fiji, and elsewhere for the Feast of the Tabernacles, which began last Friday in Ein Gedi and ends on Wednesday in Jerusalem. Read More