By Roi Kais - September 21, 2016

Originally appeared here in Ynetnews

The number of wounded who have sought medical treatment in Israel since the Jewish state began accepting wounded Syrians stands at approximately 2,500 people.

In mid-August of this year, a bus from the Jewish-American aid organization Amaliah brought 21 Syrian children and their parents to the Ziv Medical Center in Tzfat. The Syrians are all from the Qunietra region on the other side of the border with Israel. The Western Galilee Medical Center in Nahariya has also been receiving busloads of Syrian children accompanied by their families over the past few weeks.

Syrians don't independently decide to come to Israel in search of emergency medical assistance – but cases whereby the Jewish-American humanitarian organization Amaliah coordinates with officials in Syrian territory to have children and their families transported directly from various collection points to hospitals for treatment in Israel. Read More