(photo: Masorti.org)

(photo: Masorti.org)

By Viva Sarah Press - December 5, 2016

Originally appeared here in Israel21c

The Masorti Foundation for Conservative Judaism in Israel put out an international call for donations to help the Moriah synagogue rebuild from the ashes after the recent week-long wildfires that raged across Israel.

But it was two small, local initiatives that put the damaged synagogue into the headlines.

On November 30, a group of worshippers from all faiths attended a special prayer service for the new Hebrew month of Kislev and to show support for the rebuilding of the community.

A local member posted Facebook photos of the service. One of the photos showed 20 saplings donated by a man from Baqa al-Gharbiyye, an Arab city in the Haifa district, as a gift to replace the trees in the courtyard that had been burned in the fires.

And he wasn’t the only one bearing gifts. Read More