(photo: Unicef)

(photo: Unicef)

By Bethan McKernan - December 12, 2016

Originally appeared here in The Independent 

An Israel-based charity providing health care for displaced Syrian women and children by taking them to Israeli hospitals is breaking down stereotypes and historical enmities, one case at a time.

Mordechai ‘Moti’ Kahana, an Israeli-American businessman and philanthropist, poured his own money into helping those displaced by the Syrian civil war in 2011. He sold his company and  founded Amaliah, a New York-run charity focused on getting aid into the war-torn country., in 2013.

Mr Kahana told The Independent he was inspired to devote his time to helping the victims of Syria's complex war after a visit to the Holocaust Museum in Jerusalem in 2010. "Never again - not to us and to no one else," he said.  

"I cannot let these people suffer and die and walk away from it. I just cannot do it." Read More