(photo: iamchildproject.com)

(photo: iamchildproject.com)

By Viva Sarah Press - November 20, 2016

Originally appeared here in Israel21c

There’s a new dance routine on social-media sites that has five catchy poses and one enormously powerful message of support. The #iamchild dance-therapy routine is part of a project in support of Syrian children affected by ongoing civil war.

The routine was created by Israeli-Turkish journalist Michal Bardavid to give emotional and moral support to millions of the world’s refugee children.

In addition to being an international correspondent for China Central Television, Bardavid is a psychological counselor and a certified dance therapist. After meeting hundreds of Syrian children in refugee camps on the Turkish-Syrian border, she created a motivational dance exercise made up of five positively worded sentences accompanied by five movements to show the kids that someone cares. Read More