(photo: REUTERS)

(photo: REUTERS)

By Danielle Ziri - October 27, 2016

Originally appeared here in The Jerusalem Post

NEW YORK – When ISIS began its Yazidi genocide in Iraq in August, 2014, Marwa Al Aliko knew something terrible was going to happen.

One morning, along with her parents and seven siblings, Aliko, then 21 years old, tried to escape from their home, only to be caught – along with 100 other people – by ISIS terrorists.

“The ISIS fighters took us captive and put us in a small room,” she told the audience at an event held by the Israeli mission to the United Nations on Thursday. “We were 52 women. Every night the men would come to us and do as they pleased. After a few days one of the men bought me and my two sisters and took us to Syria.

“Ten days later they separated us and I was left alone. One of the ISIS leaders bought me and another girl and told us that we were now Muslims. Read More