(Photo: Office of the President, Paraguay)

(Photo: Office of the President, Paraguay)

By Abigail Klein Leichman - January 17, 2016

Originally appeared here in Israel21c

Israel’s embassies in Asuncion, Paraguay, and Montevideo, Uruguay, are organizing donations of humanitarian-relief supplies for families displaced by the severe floods that have impacted tens of thousands of citizens in Paraguay, Uruguay, Argentina and Brazil.

Paraguay is the hardest hit of the South American countries affected by what is being called the worst flooding in 50 years, and its government has declared a state of emergency as approximately 130,000 people – most of them residents of the capital city — are living in temporary shelters.

Israel’s embassy in Paraguay is donating PYG 60,000,000 ($10,150) worth of supplies to be purchased in Paraguay and distributed along with the Ministry of National Emergency, according to Israeli Ambassador Peleg Lewi.

The Israeli embassy in Montevideo is contributing an equivalent amount to flood victims in Uruguay, where more than 13,000 people were displaced by the disaster. Read More