(photo: YouTube screenshot)

(photo: YouTube screenshot)

By JTA - June 16, 2015

Originally appeared here in The Times of Israel 

The mother of Golden State Warriors superstar Stephen Curry said in an interview with an Israeli sports channel that a trip to Israel five years ago transformed her and sparked her interest in learning Hebrew.

Sonya Curry told Israel’s Sport 5 channel in an interview after Game 5 in Oakland on Sunday night that her son’s basketball success is a result of “grace and favor.” She added that he was “made for this moment.”

Curry showed the interviewer the Hebrew tattoo on the nape of her neck which reads chen, meaning grace.

She said that following a visit to Israel about five years ago she “was just transformed spiritually.”

She said she wanted to learn Hebrew because that is the language Jesus spoke and because she wanted to read the Torah in Hebrew. Read More