(photo: DAVE THOMAS/Toronto Sun)

(photo: DAVE THOMAS/Toronto Sun)

By Terry Davidson - May 18, 2015 

Originally appeared here in the Toronto Sun 

TORONTO - Support, solidarity, and assistance.

 These were the predominant themes during the 48th annual Walk With Israel in Toronto on Monday when more than 17,000 people took up placards and blue-and-white Israeli flags for a march from Coronation Park, through the city’s downtown, and on to Ontario Place.

Steve Shulman of the United Jewish Appeal said the event is designed to “celebrate shared values between Canada and Israel and to raise significant dollars for educational, social, and health care initiatives in Israel.

“I was in Israel last week ... and what you see there is a vibrant democracy ... and that is a clear contrast to the neighbourhood around Israel, which becomes more dangerous by the day,” he added. “So, in many ways, despite all of these challenges Israel has, (it) is very much a light in terms of what can be in the Middle East.” Read More