By Itamar Eichner - April 18, 2015

Originally appeared here in Ynetnews

Coss Weber's grandfather and grandmother saved Jews during the Holocaust and were named Righteous Among the Nations. Now, at age 51, Weber lives in Israel and works to save the lives of Israeli children with severe disabilities. On top of that, in order to mark Holocaust Remembrance Day, Weber will embark on a 750 kilometer bike ride, starting at the Bergen-Belson camp, to commemorate his grandfather who died during the war.

Weber, who moved to Israel 26 years ago, begins his journey to honor his grandfather on Holocaust Remembrance Day and will end it on Israel's Independence Day.

The journey will retrace the path that Weber's grandfather took on the "Lost Train" before he died of typhus.
The "Lost Train" refers three trains that departed from Bergen-Belsen on April 9, 1945. The trains were intended to take the remaining Jews to gas chambers in Theresienstadt but the trains never arrived due to bombings by the Allied Forces. Read More