(photo: Geektime)

(photo: Geektime)

By Roy Latke - March 23, 2015

Originally appeared here on Geektime

Facebook hopes to grow its center in Tel Aviv by 50% this year. As part of this effort, Facebook took the Field of Dreams‘ saying, “If you build it, they will come,” quite literally: they moved their office to a sparkly new tower in central Tel Aviv.  Of the 28 floors in the tower located on 22 Rothschild Boulevard, one of the poshest streets in Tel Aviv — and because of its pricey real estate, the 2011 housing protest leaders decided to pitch their tents there — four stories belong to Facebook Tel Aviv’s 60 current employees.

The 22 Rothschild tower has a glass elevator facing the boulevard, a lobby with a strikingly high ceiling and a breathtaking view of Tel Aviv’s streets all the way to the sea in the west and Jaffa in the south. Read More