By Dumisani Washington - January 19, 2015

Originally appeared here in Times of Israel

I was in a social media debate about Israel and Zionism the other day, when my opponent asked me a curious question. “Why point to MLK’s stance on the issue of Israel as a debate point?

I explained to my opponent that, particularly in the discussion of human rights and answering false accusations against the Jewish State, quoting Dr. King in context is an advisable starting point. This is particularly true when anti-Zionists attempt to twist Dr. King’s words to denounce Israel. Very often, Israel’s enemies refuse to accept the fact that the unparalleled civil rights champion of the 20th century was a staunch, vocal supporter of Israel and loyal friend to the Jewish people.

One person who knows Dr. King’s position on Israel full well is avowed anti-Zionist, and former Black Panther Party member, Angela Davis. There is no disputing Ms. Davis’ long and storied anti-racism career. (Few people in the world have had protest songs written in their honor by the Rolling Stones and the Beatles). Sadly, there is also no denying Ms. Davis’ anti-Zionist rhetoric and anti-Israel libel; the type of language Dr. King strongly denounced. So, having Angela Davis provide the keynote address at an event that purports to honor Martin Luther King is a bitter irony, and completely misguided. Such is the case with events at University of North Carolina of Chapel Hill on Monday, January 19, and University of California Santa Cruz on Wednesday, January 28. The title of these events is, “Racism, Militarism, Poverty: From Ferguson to Palestine”. Read More